BUJUMBURA May 2nd (ABP) – Some 216 houses were destroyed following floods that occurred on Saturday April 28, 2018 in Buterere, Kiyange and Miroir quarters in Buterere urban zone of Ntahangwa urban commune, it was disclosed on Sunday April 29, 2018 by the Director General of Civil Protection Police, senior Commissioner Antoine Ntemako, who also deplores the flooding of several houses in that part of the capital.

Those floods resulted in displacements of several inhabitants of those quarters, who are provisionally sheltered in classrooms and churches of that locality. Those affected people need an emergency aid of food and sanitation equipment, he said.

According to commissioner Ntemako, those floods have been occasioned by a dike that broke down while it were used to irrigate rice fields in the Imbo lowland, near the International Airport of Bujumbura and those Buterere quarters. He estimates that development works on that river are of emergency so that water in Miroir and Kiyange quarters be evacuated, which also results in protecting the airport, Bujumbura quarters and RN5.

Other actions proposed by the national civil protection police include notably the cleaning of the Gasenyi and Mutimbuzi rivers, the afforestation and the digging of antierosive pits on the hills overlooking the Bujumbura City.

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