MUYINGA June 4th (ABP) – Two antagonistic groups disputing the representation of the Living Church of Jesus in Giteranyi commune of the Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi) bickered on Sunday. As a result, one person was injured, according to a local administrative source. Indeed, during Sunday Mass, a team from Muyinga was denied access to the Church by the leaders of Giteranyi, until the output of musical and sound system instruments. This gesture is strange, the same source said.

The local representation, the source continued to say, would be behind the former legal representative at the national level, hence the non-recognition of the new team. Currently, three people, including the representative of the said Church in Giteranyi, Medard Nduwantare, and two pastors, one from Ngozi and the other from Kirundo to reinforce Nduwantare, were arrested by the police before being placed in custody, the same source specified.

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