BUJUMBURA November 14th (ABP)–The Cabinet met on Wednesday under the chairmanship of the Head of State, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, at the Ntare Rugamba State House, with 11 items on the agenda, according to a statement issued by the General Secretary of the Government.

This is the bill establishing notarial offices in Burundi presented by the Minister of Justice; the ministerial ordinance bill setting the ceilings for the commitment of expenditure for the second quarter of 2019/2020, the bill to revise the insurance code, the decree bill on the creation, organization and operation of the one-stop shop for minerals, the joint ministerial ordinance bill revising the joint ministerial ordinance of 13 December 2017 on the regulatory framework for setting up and running commissions, technical committees, ad hoc committees, steering committees, project management units as well as any activity or event involving State funding, all four bills being presented by the Minister in charge of Finance.

This is also the decree bill for the second renewal of the license to search for gold and associated minerals in the Mabayi perimeter in favor of the company Tanganyika Gold SA, the file relating to the rehabilitation of the infrastructures of the Petroleum Storage Company (SEP) and the Gitega oil park (center of the country), the two files having been presented by the Minister in charge of Energy and Mines.

The bill on equitable salary policy in the Burundi public administration presented by the Minister in charge of the Civil Service, the decree bill exempting the illegal holders of weapons from criminal prosecution presented by the Minister in charge of Public Security, the Note on the introduction of Kiswahili as the official language in Burundi presented by the Minister in the Presidency in charge of East African Community Affairs, were also analyzed at the same Cabinet meeting.

Also, a note on the establishment of an ad hoc committee to monitor the proper implementation of key and sensitive files before the end of the 2015-2020 legislature presented by the Government Secretary General and Spokesman was analyzed before discussing the miscellaneous items.

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