BURURI December 21st (ABP) – The “Dushirehamwe” association organized at the headquarters of Bururi province (south-west of Burundi) on Wednesday, December 19, 2018, a day of exchanges on gender-based violence committed against women in families.

Various forms of violence, principally sexual, physical, socio-economic, discrimination and killings are observed in the communities. Women, who wonder whether participation of a woman in a political life is a right or a privilege, indicated that cases of gender-based violence hold hold them back when it comes to contributing to the development of their country in general and their families in particular. The most affected are rural women, they said.

Ms. Marie Thérèse Nduwimana, the one in charge of peace, gender and security project in the “Dushirehamwe” association, clarified that it is forbidden to provide assistance to anyone capable of doing it herself. The important thing is rather to guide them, she emphasized.

Women recommend that victims of gender-based violence be cared for by authorized services. They request that perpetrators of GBV cases be arrested and brought to competent jurisdictions. Women should not be underestimated, they are expected to participate in political meetings and follow information related to the country and to increase awareness-raising sessions to join political parties.

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