BUJUMBURA November 27th (ABP) – The governor of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mrs. Nadine Gacuti, held a security meeting at the headquarters of the Rubirizi zone in Mutimbuzi commune on Monday, for joint security committee members at the provincial level, communal administrators, communal police commissioners, zone and village leaders of Mutimbuzi commune, a check by ABP revealed.

Governor Gacuti informed the participants that the country is going through a particular period as it is drawing near to the 2020 elections and that the country has just been attacked by criminals from Rwanda, reason why vigilance and control of irregularities must be prioritized in the whole province and more particularly in the Mutimbuzi and Kabezi communes bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to her, bars must open from 5pm to 9pm during working days and from 1pm to 9pm on weekends and public holidays. The street trade as well as the sale of the research cards or the transfer of money which takes place under the parasols are from now on prohibited. Children who sell plastic bags in the street must be arrested and returned to the interior of the country because the enemy can go through them. She added that a regular check of household notebooks and visitor diaries should be required. All kiosks constructed anarchically close to the roads should be demolished immediately, household fences should be lit in neighborhoods like Kajaga, Kigaramango, Gatumba and Gahahe. Foreigners living there must also be controlled.

She asked the communal administrators to hold meetings to inform the people of those measures but also to punish traders who speculate on the sale of Brarudi products, BUCECO cement and beef and impose sanctions on them.

The governor also informed the participants that there is now a toll-free number to report any act related to economic embezzlement or the misuse of public funds and warned the agents at the end of their term so that they could not fall into the traps.

In closing the meeting, the governor asked everyone to bring their cornerstone to the building of our nation, adding that the elections are not a source of division but rather a source of bringing people together. According to Mrs. Gacuti, there is no doubt that the country is protected because the security forces are at work.

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