BUJUMBURA March 19th (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, accompanied by a delegation of the Al Makthoum Foundation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), joined the people of Isare commune, Bujumbura province (western Burundi) on Saturday March 16, 2019, in the community development works (TDC) that consisted of mixing concrete and paving rooms of the ground floor of the communal hotel under construction at the headquarters of that commune, a check by ABP revealed.

That hotel is built with the contributions of the people and the communal funds, as indicated by the governor of that province in her welcoming speech, Ms. Nadine Gacuti. She added that other works are under construction, in particular the craft teaching school, a storey building erected in Nyabiraba commune, as well as the complex that will house the offices of Mugongomanga commune. Ms. Gacuti asked for support from the Al Makthoum Foundation, which works in the social field, supporting widows and orphans and building schools.

President Nkurunziza warmly greeted the people of Isare commune. He congratulated the Bujumbura province, which inaugurated many works last year and which today is still doing a lot of work.

Addressing the delegation of the Al Makthoum Foundation, the Head of State said that the Bujumbura province, in which he spent a few years during the rebellion, was shaken by the war. He invited that foundation to help that province in the projects it plans to carry out in Burundi.

As for the asphalting of the road leading to Rushubi to the Bujumbura provincial headquarters, President Nkurunziza reassured the people of Bujumbura that this delegation would plead in favor of the construction of this road because, he said, the UAE are major contributors in road construction in our country.

On his part, the Head of the UAE Al Makthoum Foundation delegation was pleasantly surprised by the field reality in Burundi, especially in the provinces visited, including Cibitoke (west), Rumonge (south-west) and Bujumbura ( west). “It is rare to see a young President of the Republic with projects, next to the people in community works,” said the head of the delegation, promising that the United Arab Emirates will support Burundi, the Burundi President and contribute in the finalization of the hotel under construction in that commune.

The senior executives of the State and the native elected representatives of the province, as well as the heads of services working in that province also participated in those works.

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