RUMONGE December 28th (ABP) – 380,328 Target people aged 5 and over will receive “meddling” treatment against onchocercosis. Some 225,585 people aged 15 and over will receive treatment for albendazoles against intestinal worms, those aged one to 14 who have already benefited from treatment during the last Mother-Child Health Week are not concerned, reported Dr. Jean Claude Ndikumasabo, provincial doctor of Rumonge.

That announcement was made as the campaign of treatment against onchocercosis and intestinal worms started on December 26, 2018.

Dr. Ndikumasabo reported that this community-based treatment distribution program is being carried out in 3 communes with a high prevalence of onchocercosis and intestinal worms throughout Buyengero commune; in Burambi commune, except the areas of responsibility of the Maramvya health center (CDS); and in Rumonge commune except the Kigwena zone.

According to the provincial doctor, that distribution will be made by community health workers, village leaders and health committee members to the CDS.

He calls on the target people to adhere to treatment for good health and for income-generating activities to be provided on a regular basis.

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