BUJUMBURA December 11th (ABP) – National Assembly Speaker Pascal Nyabenda received in his office on Monday, December 9, 2019, the Senior Adviser  in Peace Policy of the Security Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Mr. Serges Rumin, who is visiting Burundi.

At the end of the audience, the spokesman of the National Assembly Mr. Alexis Badian Ndayihimbaze told the press that Mr. Rumin had come to see the real situation prevailing in Burundi. He said the Speaker of the National Assembly told him that the political and security situation is good in Burundi, and the country is drawing near to the 2020 elections.

He added that Speaker Nyabenda informed him that different meetings are being held between the representatives of the political parties to discuss the behavior that should be adopted in order to facilitate the smooth running of the preparations for the 2020 elections. Mr. Nyabenda proposed to Switzerland to fund a civic education project for the smooth running of elections.

He congratulated Switzerland for the project on the resolution of land conflicts which is in progress and which has recorded positive results since its inception. He called for the project to be strengthened to beef up peace and security in the country, arguing that land conflicts are causing threat of security.

Mr. Rumin promised to analyze the feasibility of the project proposed by the Speaker of the National Assembly, while noting that Switzerland supports the smooth conduct of the 2020 elections.

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