No discrimination and no market for the sellers of the term “Hutu-Tutsi”

BUJUMBURA March 14th (ABP) – The CNDD-FDD party has pledged to take the path of recognizing and valuing clans, in order to promote national reconciliation and hence the consolidation of Burundian society, it was said on Tuesday March 13, 2018 in Bujumbura by the Secretary General of the party, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, in a press release related to the CNDD-FDD Central Committee held from March 9 to 10, 2018 in Ngozi.
He said that the meeting was held in order to analyze the step already taken in the implementation of the political program of the party, whose central committee was able to adopt firm resolutions, with a view to strengthening the party structures, to monitor the performance and discipline of the militant mass and the leaders, to strengthen the good governance, the decentralization and the promotion of the integral development of which the people is the engine and the beneficiary as well as the consolidation of the projects aimed at developing the people.
Regarding the progress already made, Mr. Ndayishimiye said that the Central Committee had welcomed the positive measures for the people, specifically with regard to the reduction of infant mortality, the increase in the rate of schooling, the project of villagehood without forgetting the measure to empower the communes. Mr. Ndayishimiye pointed out that all those CNDD-FDD efforts go in the direction of strengthening the welfare of all citizens and that they are based on the fight against corruption and economic embezzlement, the fight against laziness and other negative behaviors of officials and State officials, pointing out that even sanctions will be set especially for those who will be caught committing those crimes. He added that the Central Committee called on officials and executives to join citizens in their origins in community development projects, stating that the result of their efforts will be decisive in promoting to various positions of responsibility at the top of the State.
In the same statement, Ndayishimiye recalled that the CNDD-FDD party Executives should serve as role models in all that they do, following the party’s guidelines and be the guardians of public affairs. “He who violates its obligations, not only will he be prosecuted, but also he will be driven out of the party,” said Ndayishimiye, clarifying further that those measures should extend also to all officials who do not serve appropriately the public and who do not safeguard the public heritage.
Mr. Ndayishimiye therefore called on the citizens to remain vigilant and to denounce all those who behave in a way that frustrates the people through corruption, economic embezzlement, the practice of injustice against citizens, incitement to hatred, discrimination as well as stigma. The members of the CNDD-FDD central committee, he continued, agreed to put a major effort in the revitalization of the clans, with a view to consolidating national reconciliation. The Bagumyabanga (supporters of the CNDD-FDD) have been recommended to know and to enforce their clans, with the aim of uprooting ethnic cleavages introduced in Burundian society by the colonizer.
Mr. Ndayishimiye explained that the recognition of the clans will serve as a pillar in the reconciliation of Burundians, because with the revitalization of the latter, the term “Hutu-Tutsi” will no longer have value in a community where no one will feel discriminated against. Moreover, no discrimination, no market for the sellers of the term “Hutu-Tutsi”. He clarified that the more diversity there is, the more complementarity there is, indeed, he said, there is no ethnic group in Burundi, because the ethnic group must have its own language. Those are simply divisive strategies from the colonizer, Ndayishimiye said.
As concerns that the appointment of the President of the Republic as “CNDD-FDD Party Guide and Excellent Charismatic Leader” a few days before the upcoming elections, would be a desire to perpetuate him in power, Mr. Ndayishimiye said that this has nothing to do with future elections, but it is thanks to the innovative ideas that President Nkurunziza has consistently given for the development of the country. In addition, he pointed out that the CNDD-FDD party is a harmonious and balanced family that must have a father. Among the ideas taken into account, Mr. Ndayishimiye cited the free care for pregnant women and children under five, free education, the grant of 500 million Burundian francs to support the development of communes, to name but a few.

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