KARUSI January 1st (ABP) – The director of the BPEAE, Mr. Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana, asks zone assistants and monitors to always be modal examples. He expressed that request on Monday December 30, 2019, when he joined technicians from Bugenyuzi commune in Cuba village for a demonstration exercise in the management of banana plants, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That activity is part of the implementation of the agricultural policy for the rehabilitation of old banana plantations.

The owners of old banana plantations believe that more bananas produce more than fewer well-kept bananas, according to the director, the reason why demonstration fields are needed.That national agricultural policy is encountering great resistance from the beneficiaries, according to that provincial officials.

The good management of banana trees requires leaving only the mother, daughter and granddaughter feet in each nourishing stump, recalled Mr. Sinzobatohana.

After the stump removal of the old banana clumps, there was a demonstration of the method of thinning and good preparation of planting holes.

Intercropping is allowed, noted the director, and especially crops with nitrogen elements.

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