KAYANZA January 14th (ABP) – The Provincial Directorate of Education (DPE) of Kayanza (north of the country) has, since the beginning of the second term, organized field trips to its nine communes to hold meetings for school principals, responsible teachers and teachers in the ninth grade to discuss together the main factors for school failure, and what to do to meet them and achieve better results.

According to the Provincial Director of Education (DPE) in Kayanza, Mr. Désiré Hatungimana, the school province whose responsibility is devoted to him, did not occupy a prime place in the national certification and orientation competition, 2018 edition. It was ranked 10th among the 18 provinces of the country with a success rate of 62%, he said, adding that those results are not at all satisfactory. Those meetings, which are also part of the regular meetings organized by the DPE Kayanza, aimed at building capacity on monitoring and coaching, designing and using observation tools for school principals and their responsible teachers. Mr. Hatungimana also stated that during field trips organized in the first quarter, it was found that there was a lack of professional support for teachers, including didactic tools not understood and used incorrectly, the refusal to expression to the teacher and many others. However, he is pleased that those meetings organized for education partners have been a good opportunity to properly identify all the challenges and propose solutions in order to play the role of coach.

As for the teachers of the 9th grade, those meetings aimed to see together the main factors for school failure, each in their own field, and to decide together strategies to implement to improve the school performance. They had the recommendations to maintain a good working atmosphere so as to create good working and learning conditions, and to consult one of the pedagogical inspectors in order to remedy any problem that arises whenever there is a problem of interpretation of the accompanying tools.

Regarding the strategies adopted to prevent school failure, the DPE cited, among other things, the reflexive interpretation of the results obtained in the provincial exams organized and administered to students during the first term, interviewing the students, because a high dropout rate was observed due to the fact that students had not been listened to.

The provincial authority in charge of education also spoke of the encouragement of the supervised morning study, without forgetting the good preparations of the lessons. Whether the teachers or the students were called on to awaken the competitive spirit and the revitalization of school networks.

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