BUJUMBURA January 3rd (ABP) – Bean production in terms of agricultural yield may not be good for the growing season A 2020, project farmers in Nyabiraba of Bujumbura province (western Burundi).

They base their arguments on the fact that it rained abundantly and the flowers did not develop robust pods.

Farmers interviewed by ABP on Thursday indicated that some of them did not have chemical fertilizers at the time of sowing that too will reduce production.

The company FOMI could not satisfy all the demands for fertilizers, the traders having supplied themselves with fertilizers to resell them at a higher price.

The technical services of the provincial office of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) claim that the farmers were not served in fertilizer, because the needs far exceeded the forecasts, which will be corrected for growing season B.

The heavy rains that are falling for the moment have a negative impact on bean production, it has been reported.

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