BUJUMBURA April 18th (ABP) – The Burundian Senate unanimously approved on Monday the names of ten judges (six women and four men) that the Head of State plans to appoint to the decision-making positions in some jurisdictions.

According to the Minister of Justice, Ms. Aimé Laurentine Kanyana, those proposals to the judiciary take into account ethnic and regional balances. Overall, those appointments will bring to 37% of Tutsi ethnic group occupying positions of responsibility within the Ministry against 63% of the Hutu ethnic group. The rate of representation of women in decision-making positions will be 29%.

Mr. Jean Damascène Sindayizeruka, who is now deputy chairman of the Court of Appeal in Gitega (center), is proposed as the chairman of the Court, replacing the former suspect of corruption, who was arrested and detained. Ms. Anne Marie Nkeshimana, Ms. Médiatrice Kanyana and Ms. Godelieve Mbonigaba, together with Mr. Célestin Nsavyimana, Mr. Yves Nduwimana and Mr. Jérôme Manirakiza are proposed as Supreme Court Counselors. Ms. Spès Caritas Bishoboye is proposed to the administrative court of Bujumbura. Ms. Odette Shemezimana is proposed to the Ntahangwa High Court. Ms. Perpétue Ndizeye will be assigned to the Prosecution of the Republic of Cankuzo.

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