GITEGA November 22nd (ABP) – Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza plans to set up a commission to closely monitor end-of-term activities and a toll-free number that will be used by the people to denounce any bad practice. This came out of a government retreat organized on Wednesday November 20 by the Head of State for governors and communal administrators in the hall of the Gitega Paramedical School.

That in-camera retreat had the main objective of reminding those provincial and communal administrative authorities of the responsible behavior they must always adopt, especially on the eve of new institutions from the 2020 elections, said the spokesman of the President of the Republic, Mr. Jean-Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, in a press briefing after the works of the retreat.

Before leading the retreat, the Head of State invited two of his senior advisers to make introductory presentations that highlighted traditional and cultural practices to ban.

They revealed traps that are still tense as a result of colonialist and neo-colonial teachings. They called on those administrative officials to remain vigilant to avoid falling into those traps, said the spokesman.

Taking the floor, the President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, said that this retreat is a framework for capacity building of governors and communal administrators while emphasizing that everyone always needs to learn. He invited them to learn not only about the country’s policies, the realization of government projects and programs, but also about geopolitics and geostrategics. The ultimate goal is to move towards good governance that emphasizes the best interests of the nation, Mr. Karerwa said.

The retreat also had the objective of sensitizing those administrative authorities on the role they must always play to manage public affairs as good fathers of families.

He explained that it was found in the past that at the end of the terms of the elected institutions, there are abnormal behaviors that pushed some administrative officials to forget their responsibility.

President Nkurunziza also winked at the governors and communal administrators to keep from falling back into the mistakes of the past, citing the crisis of 2015. He urged those persons in authority not to take anything for granted, to remain vigilant and make sure to finish their terms in style.

He recalled that in order to prevent the challenges and problems that the country has experienced in the past, the conclusions of the last retreat held for members of the government, Directors General of Personalized Administrations or Parastatals have provided mechanisms.

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