MWARO July 2nd (ABP) – The Ministry of Youth, Posts and Information Technologies, in collaboration with NGO Cordaid and local organizations REJA (Network of Youth Organizations in Action) and YELI (Youth Empowerment and leadership initiative) proceeded in Mwaro (center-west) on Friday, to the official launch of the project “Young people, pillars of the emergence of an inclusive society for gender equality in Burundi”, a check by ABP revealed.

That 18-month project will be implemented in six provinces, namely Bujumbura City Council, Bujumbura, Bubanza, Cibitoke, Mwaro and Cankuzo, said Raphael Bindariye, who represented the NGO Cordaid. He said that 144 young men and women leaders from the six provinces will benefit from support, training and guidance from Cordaid for peacebuilding and peaceful conflict resolution, as the role of youth is very important in those areas.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth, Posts and Information Technologies, Mr. Bienvenu Irakoze, declared in his occasional message that youth plays a vital role in the life of a country, hence, they need a framework for self-development and development of the country. He added that it would take a lot of projects for coaching through income generating activities. Mr. Irakoze recalled that the youth under 25 represents more than 66% of the Burundian population and that it is this youth that constitutes the wealth of the country. He invited the youth to become aware of their role, to fight against unemployment, not to serve as a springboard for politicians and especially during the pre-election period.

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