People are called on to regroup in cooperatives.

KARUSI March 6th (ABP) – The Buhiga Generation in Action (GBA) Association organized the last weekend a meeting of natives from the Buhiga zone with the aim of raising awareness in that zone about the federation of modern farmers.
The GBA chairman said that unity is strength. According to him, “to put arable land in common, organize agricultural groupings by sector will produce for the market, to build crop storage sheds and multiply the selected seeds.” With this in mind, the groups must set up a cooperative of farmers and breeders.
The Governor of Karusi Province, Ms. Calinie Mbarushimana, welcomed the project. She pointed out that the cooperative initiative comes at a right time because the President of the Republic of Burundi has just chosen Karusi province as pilot province of the cooperative program.
In addition, she welcomed the fact that the natives of the Buhiga zone chose agriculture and livestock as a priority activity. Indeed, the government ordered all communes to direct 80% of the 500 million Burundian francs allocated to the development of communes in agriculture and livestock.
The participants in the meeting accepted the project and requested the establishment of the organizing committees as soon as possible.

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