NGOZI February 20th (ABP) – The governor of Ngozi province (northern Burundi), Mr. Albert Nduwimana, held a meeting on Tuesday February 19, 2019, bringing together leaders of the police and the army, justice, communal administrators and agriculture and environment officials. The purpose was to discuss the security prevailing in the province, the implementation of the Ministerial Ordinance of 4th February 2019 and the instructions of the General Inspectorate of Police on the reduction of road accidents.

On security, Governor Nduwimana said it is generally good in the nine communes that make up Ngozi province. However, he urges the administrative officials and all stakeholders in the life of the commune to renew the joint security meetings. He also asked them to listen to their people to avoid killings and suicides due to the fact that they do not find leaders to help them overcome their problems.

The participants also discussed the new ministerial ordinance prohibiting the planting of tree species that consume a lot of water in the perimeters of the water source protection, in the shallows and marshes. That ordinance aims at replacing eucalyptus plantations located at 15 meters from water sources, marshes and shallows. They will be gradually replaced by natural species that do not degrade the environment. Governor Nduwimana is asking environmental technicians to develop the nurseries as soon as possible for the replacement of those eucalyptus plantations.

During the meeting, the participants also discussed the new instructions of the General Inspectorate of Police to reduce road accidents. Those measures concern drivers of bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles transporting people who do not comply with the road regulations in force.

In the miscellaneous, the participants exchanged on the protection and the conservation of the harvest, the fight against the proliferation of sects and mosques, the activities of the associations and ONGs which must respect the governmental priorities.

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