BUJUMBURA March 2nd (ABP) – 25 students from Ntare Rugamba University, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who were arrested on Monday and taken to the Special Criminal Investigation Police (BSR), were released on Wednesday, according to the spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, police commissioner Pierre Nkurikiye. He said they were accused of disrupting academic activities in that institution.

Indeed, he said, these students were among those who made a sit-in on Monday in front of the offices of responsible officials of that academic institution to claim to complete their education curriculum in three years, as provided by the new Bachelor-Master-Doctorate (BMD) system, while at registration, they had to follow the old four-year license system.

Before the arrest of those students, the police tried to play the role of mediation between the persons in authority of that university and the students, but to no avail. After the failure of the mediation, the police apprehended students identified as leaders of a movement that prevented other students from sitting an exam that was scheduled for Monday.

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