KAYANZA May 7th (ABP) – The provincial Doctor of Kayanza (north of Burundi) invited on Thursday May 2, 2019 the people of the constituency to go to the health care facilities as soon as the precursory signs of disease appear and to keep clean around their houses.

This appeal came while it has been found that malaria is reported with a total of 147. 585 cases in the first quarter of the current year against 172. 149 cases in 2018. To overcome this situation, the provincial Doctor of Kayanza indicates that they have adopted a strategy of free malaria screening in the most affected health districts such as Musema and Gahombo, as revealed during an interview with the medical director of the Kayanza health province.

According to Dr. Célestin Congera, the Musema and Gahombo health districts that are the most affected by malaria, precisely in Rango and Muhanga communes, are communes with rice marshes that facilitate the proliferation of mosquitoes.

According to the statistics provided by the same health authority, the Musema health district comes first with 60,868 cases of malaria enumerated during the first quarter whereas they were 63,651 in 2018. The Gahombo health district which comes in 2nd position recorded 55,651 cases of malaria against 68,233 in 2018. Finally comes the Kayanza health district which, in the first quarter of the current year, recorded 30,797 against 40,265 cases in 2018.

In order to significantly reduce the incidence of malaria and its mortality rate, Kayanza provincial Doctor Congera asks people of the constituency to use long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets appropriately, to evacuate the stagnant water and to cut the grasses that grow around the houses and to go to the health care facilities as soon as the precursory signs of the disease appear, which include headaches, nausea, anorexia, fever, chills, physical asthenia.

Once all these instructions are respected, the people of Kayanza will be able to avoid the human-to-human transmission of plasmodium by mosquitoes, said Dr. Célestin Congera.

It was recalled that the world celebrates every year the day dedicated to the fight against malaria on April 25th.

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