BUJUMBURA December 3rd (ABP) – Burundi First Deputy President Gaston Sindimwo served meal for the poor patients at Prince Regent Charles Hospital of Bujumbura on Saturday.

That meal was offered by the Christian Faithful Samaritan Ministry Association (MCFS) on the occasion of the official launch of its three projects including the “Amashiga” project to feed the vulnerable and the national forum organized by that association under the theme “Giving hand is always above the hand that receives.”

Food was also distributed to needy and disabled people by Mr. Sindimwo, Missionary Pastor Venus Hakizimana, legal representative of MCFS and other dignitaries at the sports department field where the activities of the day continued.

The Christian Faithful Samaritan Association (MCFS) awarded on that occasion a certificate of honor to the 1st Deputy President of the Republic for his contribution to the first meals distributed to the poor patients.

The First Deputy President also visited the stands of products made by disabled people and watched the setting volleyball match of the Valiant and Umuco teams of women with disabilities at the sports department field.

Certificates of merit were also awarded to Mrs. Christine Ntahe, a journalist who offers meals every Sunday to street children and the legal representative of African Ministry of Compassion (MAC), Mr. Aimé Pascal Nduwimana, for his involvement in the bringing together of the people and the support for the needy.

In his occasional speech, first Deputy President Gaston Sindimwo said that the Burundi government’s objective is that in the next three or four years there will be no more destitute people in Burundi. He said the government will spare no effort to support people who promote solidarity with the poor. He said the Head of State has even decreed a day of national solidarity.

The legal representative of that Christian Faithful Samaritan association insisted on the principle that “Union is strength”. According to him, if all the people were in solidarity to help the poor, they would draw them from their situation of indigence. He mentioned the activities already carried out during one and a half years of its existence.

The association has already paid 12.86 million BIF to 268 needy patients who could not pay the bill of healthcare and medicines. It helps 317 prison inmates abandoned by their families to return home after serving the sentence. The association has reintegrated into professional life 75 girls and women prostitutes who have abandoned this dishonorable profession. It has recovered more than 290 street children whom it has reintegrated into their respective families even though 67 have not yet found their families and live in the orphanage.

The three projects launched by MCFS concern the distribution of food to the needy, the sewing project for girls and women with disabilities and the construction of a temple of God at Bujumbura Central Prison (Mpimba).

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