The 1st Lady delivers the speech to open the International conference of women leaders

BUJUMBURA October 29th (ABP) -The first Lady of the country Ms. Denise Nkurunziza organized from 26 to 27th October at the Lake Tanganyika Club Hotel, an international conference of women leaders under the theme: “Woman of destiny, get up, take courage and act because the business is your concern”, in the presence of the first Ladies of Zambia and the Central Africa and other personalities.

She called on women to change their mentality in order not to underestimate themselves, and to have a vision to set up projects leading to development. She invited them to participate in family, social, and national decision-making without, however, violating the customs of their native country. She advised them to work together because the Union is strength.At the opening of the conference, the first Lady invited the women participants to understand the words that are in the chosen theme because it is very important. She went on to say that being a woman is not enough, but a woman needs to be intelligent in the performance of her tasks, and to stand up to family and national problems as did Esther who managed to save her clan.

The first Lady recalled that in Burundi, women are capable as evidenced by their presence in the defense and security forces, and in different sectors of national life. She took the opportunity to express her thanks to the State for the various actions that have already been taken in the sector of ​​gender equality and for the representativeness rate of the woman who has already taken a good step.

She asked the men to support their wives because the two are complementary. She ended her remarks by saying that the date of October 26, 2018 will be unforgettable in Burundi because it is a day when Burundian women have gathered together as leaders with the other women of the world to set the goal of developing the world.

In the presentations made by Evangelist Emery Ndaboroheye “Woman of Destiny” and Evangelist Alice Manisha “Get Up”; both insisted on what a woman of destiny means. According to the two evangelists, a woman of destiny is one who respects God and her husband and submits to her husband.

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