BUJUMBURA May 10th (ABP) – Egypt’s ambassador to Burundi, Dr. Abeer Bassiouny Radwan, Burundi assistant minister of foreign affairs, Ambassador Bernard Ntahiraja, several authorities of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS and other administrative authorities proceeded on Wednesday May 8, 2019 with the official opening of the operating room of the Dunamai medical center located at Gihosha, Ntahangwa commune in the Bujumbura city.

Offered by the Egyptian Agency for Development Partnership, this donation of gynecological and obstetric equipment consists of an operating table, a sciatic lamp, an anesthesia monitor, three block carriages, a stabilizer, a generator, a drum, two oxygen tanks, an oxygen concentrator and a caesarean section kit. It comes as a blessing since before the reception, cases that required a caesarean section were transferred to other hospitals, according to a Dunamai Center technical officer.

Egypt’s ambassador to Burundi killed two birds with one stone (she solved two problems with one single action) by making a humanitarian visit and during which she distributed food aid to vulnerable people at Dunamai Medical Center, composed of iodated salt, rice, oil, flour and sugar collected from the staff of the Egyptian Embassy. She also provided food aid to the OASI Muvyeyi w’ikigongwe orphanage of Gikungu in the same zone of ​​Gihosha. The Egyptian delegation also visited Mount Sion Parish of Gikungu and the Gihosha Mosque.

Burundi and Burundi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in particular commends the good ties of cooperation between the two countries in various fields and is delighted with the diplomatic support of Egypt. Egypt is among the countries that defend the good cause of Burundi. In addition to cooperation, Egypt supports Burundi while some countries impose sanctions, said Mr. Ntahiraja. He asked Egypt to continue to support Burundi, particularly in the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP).

Mr. Ntahiraja congratulated the initiators of the Dunamai Medical Center for this action which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals because sick people will be treated without being transferred to other centers. He reiterated the willingness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support such initiatives by connecting project promoters and donors.

In his message to the Dunamai Medical Center, Egypt’s ambassador to Burundi said Burundi and Egypt are united by an umbilical cord with the Nile River, which has its southernmost source in Burundi and feeds Egypt in water. She emphasized the importance of iodated salt to prevent goiter, which is a major health problem.

The initiator of the Dunamai Medical Center, Ms. Espérance Mpawenimana, thanked the Egyptian authorities, and particularly the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Burundi, for that donation which makes it possible to assist especially the women who give birth by caesarean section. According to her, the center serves poor people from the northern outskirts and villages overlooking the Bujumbura city.

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