BURURI June 7th (ABP) – Bururi health province faces difficulties in referring patients following an ambulance problem, some are amortized, others make several referrals while the means of operation are very limited.

Provincial Medical Director Nduwimana indicated that they record a low involvement of the administration and the people in the contribution to operate the referral system and against referral while the health centers contribute up to 5%, a sum considered insufficient to ensure patient referrals in order to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality.

There are three hospitals in the Bururi health province, including Matana, which faces particular challenges, as Dr. Deo Nkurunziza, director of the Matana Hospital, said. That hospital does not have an operating room and as a result, they make several referrals to Bujumbura, which costs a lot of expenses to the hospital.

At the Bururi Hospital, the ambulance is in poor condition, which makes it almost impossible to refer patients. To deal with all those challenges, the health authorities ask for the involvement of the administration and the contribution of all the citizens to make the referral system work and against referral.

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