BUJUMBURA January 14th (ABP) – The official visit last Saturday of State Councilor and Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Wang Yi to Burundi resulted in the granting to Burundi of financing for the rehabilitation of Melchior International Airport Ndadaye and the construction of a new building of the Burundi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During his visit, Mr. Yi who led a delegation of 16 people was received in audience by the 2nd Vice- Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi, Dr. Joseph Butore at the Presidential Palace Ntare Rushatsi and had a meeting with the Burundi Minister Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ezéchiel Nibigira.

In a lively press briefing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nibigira said that the working session of the Chinese delegation and the Burundi side was an opportunity to formally receive positive responses to requests for support for the priority projects of the Government of Burundi, addressed to the Government of China.

China is making a donation to rehabilitate the airstrip and control tower at Melchior Ndadaye International Airport, while funding for the terminal will be renegotiated later.

The Chinese side will soon send a team of experts to carry out studies relating to the construction of the said building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The government of Burundi is very satisfied with the current state of relations between Burundi and China which are today at the best moment in their history, both at the diplomatic and economic level. We have no doubt that those relationships will always go forward, “said Nibigira.

He added that the meeting with his Chinese counterpart focused on relations of friendship and Sino-Burundian cooperation in general. Each party reiterated its firm commitment to mutual support on matters of vital interest and major concerns.

The Head of Chinese diplomacy has renewed his unwavering support for the government of Burundi in the fight against any attempt to undermine Burundi’s sovereignty and outside interference in Burundi’s internal affairs, wherever it comes from.

Ambassador Nibigira said that the State Councilor and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China is very satisfied with the security situation in Burundi and that he congratulates the government and the people of Burundi for the step taken in matters of peace and stability as well as their determination to the success of the current electoral process.

On the issue of Taiwan, Ambassador Nibigira reiterated Burundi’s position on the recognition of a single China, united and indivisible.

Burundi supports the initiatives taken by the People’s Republic of China to put an end to the violence and restore order in Hong Kong.

He also supports the measures initiated by the Chinese government to achieve progress in the fight against terrorism and extremism in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region (Shinjiang), noting that the Shinjiang issue is China’s internal affair.

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