The 2018 finance law has been disseminated

BUJUMBURA February 21st (ABP) – The Ministry of Finance, Budget and Privatization organized on Monday February 19 at the office of Bururi province a dissemination workshop of the 2018 Finance Law, for the governors of Bururi and Rumonge Provinces, economic advisors, administrators, accountants, civil society actors and traders from both provinces, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.
On that occasion, the General Director of the budget at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Edonias Niyongabo, said that the government of Burundi has prioritized in this 2018 budget wage adjustment, social and productive Ministries and 500 million funds allocated to communes. He added that the State had thought to increase those funds; unfortunately some communes were not able to consume all the money which idea subsequently fell into cancellation. He urged the communal administrators to design development projects to consume the full amount.
He recalled the importance of taxes. According to him, if these are collected well, the State uses the revenue in a reasonable way to finally share them in the development projects for the general interest of citizens. That is why he called on all people to be vigilant and to eradicate fraud. A person who will apprehend fraud has been called on to report it, a remuneration of 30% will be paid to him.
Munyentore J. Baptise expert within that ministry said that the forecast of expenditure in 2017 was estimated at 913.4 billion but the execution of expenditure was 906.6 billion.
Rosine Mugisha, who is also an expert in that ministry, added that the OBR will not be able to collect all the money that the State needs because some Ministries have been prioritized. The budget for this year is 1,431.7 billion, but the revenue is estimated at 1,224.1 billion.

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