Motorcycle thieves adopt a new theft strategy

BUBANZA February 28th (ABP) – Motorcycle thieves adopt a new theft strategy and at least two motorcycles have been stolen in less than three days (since Saturday the 24th), on Shari hill in Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi), according to sources on the spot.
Those two motorcycles were stolen in two successive days, on Saturday February 24th and Sunday February 25th. Alleged perpetrators approach the owner of the motorcycle and urge him to sell it, telling him that they need it and that the money is ready.
Once accepted, they ask the owner to lend them the motorcycle for testing and to check if it is in good condition. And for those two cases, those thieves left with motorcycles for testing and cannot be found till now. The owners have notified the police and the investigation is already under way.
Local administrative officials ask their people to double their vigilance to discourage those kinds of robberies and to stop those thieves who, according to them, would be networked.

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