GITEGA June 7th (ABP) – Burundi Head of State Pierre Nkurunziza has given the Ministry of the Interior, Patriotic Education and Local Development and that of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, three months to catch up in carrying out environmental protection activities by drawing contour lines, uprooting trees planted near marshes and consuming a lot of water and the protection of water sources.

Those are the words of the deputy spokesman of the Head of State, Mr. Alain Diomede Nzeyimana, in an interview he gave the press on Thursday June 6, 2019, after a meeting that the Head of State organized in Gitega (center), for senior executives of the two ministries, provincial governors and communal administrators from all over the country to evaluate the implementation of an ordinance jointly signed two months ago, by the two ministers and setting the Thursday of each week as a day dedicated to the environmental protection.

Mr. Nzeyimana said that “the goal of the two ministries has not been achieved”, regretting that the involvement rate of some provinces was 48%, adding that worse still, some others have only 3%.

Speaking about the reasons that led to that failure, he blamed the administrative officials, saying that they were not actively involved in mobilizing the people for that purpose. Thus, he continued to say, the Head of State asked the meeting participants to double their effort during the next three months to remedy the situation, by taking advantage of the presence of students on vacation.

To close, Mr. Nzeyimana indicated that at the end of this period, the Head of State will make another evaluation which will be marked this time by a note for each province and each commune.

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