The UNHCR bus carries the Burundian returnees from Tanzania

BUJUMBURA February 28th (ABP) – Some 2978 Burundians who had fled to Tanzania since 2015 have already returned to their homeland passing through the Mugina border post in Mabanda Commune of Makamba Province (southern Burundi) since the beginning of February 2019, announced the Ministry in charge of Public Security, through its twitter account.

Those Burundians who return to their homeland are from Rumonge commune and province, the Kayogoro and Nyanza-Lac communes of Makamba province, and the Giharo commune of Rutana province. They are made up of men, women and children.

The transport of Burundians from refugee camps in Nduta, Nyarugusa and Mutenderi is provided by UNHCR.

For example, the Ministry notes 292 returnees consisting of 84 families who have boarded five buses. The latter come from Nyanza-Lac and Rumonge communes.

This happens while on February 19, the same Mugina border post had registered 595 voluntary repatriates made up of 177 families from Makamba province.

The Burundian persons high in authority have always urged Burundians in exile to return to their country of origin in order to contribute to the development of their homeland.

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