BUJUMBURA May 17th (ABP) – The Supreme Court of Burundi ordered on May 5, 2019, the seizure of movable and immovable property of those convicted of participating in the failed coup of May 2015, pursuant to RPA 859 concerning Civil component of the case RPMG 697 bis/MA/BV/NTH.

A declaration cosigned on Wednesday May 15 by the Chief Justice, Mr. François Nkezabahizi and the Public Prosecutor, Mr. Sylvestre Nyandwi states that the seizure concerns two buildings belonging to Juvénal Niyungeko aka Kiroho, two buildings owned by Helménégilde Nimenya, five buildings owned by Cyrille Ndayirukiye, a building owned by Zénon Ndabaneze, a building owned by Prime Ngowenubusa, a building owned by Mikokoro Sylvestre, a building owned by Eric Ntahomvukiye, a building owned by Michel Kazungu and a building owned by Prosper Nkurunziza. The Chief Justice also ordered that the seized buildings be the State property.

The Public Prosecutor informed the Registrar of Title Deeds that in the context of this case RPMG 697 bis/MA/BV/NTH, movable and immovable property situated on the national territory belonging to other 32 people to whom international arrest warrants were launched by Burundi, were seized. These are Godefroid Niyombare, Bernard Busokoza, Moise Bucumi, Philibert Habarugira, Leonard Ngendakumana, Leonidas Hatungimana, Alexis Sinduhije, Edouard Nibigira, Onesime Nduwimana, Pacific Nininahazwe, Patrick Ndikumana, Vital Nshimirimana, Pontien Gaciyubwenge, Jean Claude Sindayigaya, Chauvineau Mugwengezo, Patrick Nduwimana, Marguerite Barankitse, Bob Rugurika, Gilbert Niyonkuru, Dieudonné Bashirahishize, Armel Niyongere, Nintereka Arcade, Edouard Nshimirimana, Zacharie Twagirayezu, Emmanuel Ndayikeza, Jéremie Minani, Jean Minani, Patrick Mitabaro, Anne Niyuhire, Havyarimana Arcade, Innocent Muhozi and Moise Nzeyimana.

The Public Prosecutor asks the Minister in charge of the Equipment to take all the measures to avoid that those goods deteriorate and to let them be exploited by the State and this in the general interest, pending the end of the aforementioned case.

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