Several Carama quarter roads have become almost impassable

BUJUMBURA January 25th (ABP) – Several roads of Carama quarters in Ntahangwa urban commune (north of the capital) are becoming more and more impassable as a result of the rainwaters, especially those of the Gasenyi River that pour directly in those quarters, a check by ABP on Wednesday January 24, 2018 has revealed.
Among the most affected tracks are Henry VIII Avenue, which is the main axis linking Carama quarters to other parts of Kinama urban zone.
Pedestrians and vehicle drivers complain about the state of those roads. The latter ask for the involvement of the Ministry in charge of public works so that those roads are repaired.
According to a civil engineering expert contacted on site, the construction of the Gasenyi River watershed basin planned for the drainage project of that river, which is financed by the World Bank through ABUTIP, could bring a slight improvement. .
The few beneficiaries of that project contacted by ABP nevertheless complain that the construction of that basin is slow to start when, they say, the leaders of the ABUTIP had promised that the work would begin with the 1st week of January 2018.
The other solution that is proposed by the expert is the paving of the avenues of those quarters, thus calling on the responsible administrative officials of Kinama zone to mobilize the inhabitants of those quarters to pay their contributions.

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