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GITEGA March 11th (ABP) – The wife of the President of the Republic of Burundi, Ms. Denise Nkurunziza, enhanced the ceremonies of the International Women’s Day (IWD), which was celebrated at the national level at the Ingoma stadium of the Gitega provincial headquarters (center), the political capital of Burundi.

Under the theme “Women at the Center of Innovative Social Protection Programs,” those ceremonies took place in an atmosphere of joy, in the presence of several persons in authority and with a predominance of women from different sectors of national life.

Before the beginning of the festivities, the first lady of the country first went to the Bank of the Republic of Burundi in Gitega where she paid contributions to the 2020 elections amounting to 78,783,900 BIF on behalf of women leaders.

The ceremonies of the day were marked by a long parade performed by women from different sectors of national life as well as men from certain services.

In her speech, the Chairperson of the National Women’s Forum (FNF) and Minister of Education, Technical and Professional Training, Ms. Janvière Ndirahisha, recommended the implementation of various innovative programs for the improvement of feminine conditions. In particular, she called for a higher representativeness of women in decision-making bodies such as Justice, the Directorates-General and Directorates of the public and parastatal sector, as well as in banks and financial institutions. As part of preparations for the upcoming elections, Ms. Ndirahisha advocated for women to be placed at the top of the lists of candidates of elective institutions.

In turn, the resident coordinator of the United Nations in Burundi, Ms. Jennet Kem, pledged to continue expanding social protection programs for sustainable development and protection.

In his speech, the Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, Mr. Martin Nivyabandi, said that social protection is one of the concerns of the government that has already initiated several programs and projects related to it. He cited the establishment of the National Social Protection Commission, the Social Protection Support Fund, the Social Networking Support Project, the National Local Solidarity Program, and the promotion of women’s production and loan cooperatives.

In her speech, Ms. Nkurunziza commended the achievements in favor of social advancement and encouraged all actors to move forward. She called on those in the formal and informal sectors to plan the benefits of their workers by encouraging them to join community health insurance schemes and insurance companies. She also recommended the promotion of community solidarity gestures and assistance to vulnerable groups. The first lady called on all women to give priority to the development of their families and to effectively fulfill their maternal, conjugal and professional responsibilities.

The ceremonies were also marked by the awards handover. The leaders of the National Women’s Forum awarded the dignitaries, including the wife of the Head of State and the Minister of Human Rights, and other people who are demarcated for the promotion of women’s rights.

The wife of the Head of State and the Minister of Human Rights delivered certificates of merit and awards to 11 women and girls as well as one man, who recorded performances in their respective services and in improving the living conditions of poor groups. They also performed a rite of liberation of the pigeons as a symbol of peace.

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