CIBITOKE March 18th (ABP) – A pickup truck from Butara High School in Bukinanyana school commune of Cibitoke province (north-west), which was carrying more than twenty students back from a friendly football match that took place at the Buhayira Mère du Sauveur High School in Murwi commune, overturned 500 meters from the center of Buhayira, on Thursday March 14, 2019 around 6:00 pm. As a result, 13 students were wounded, including 9 serious cases.

The wounded were transferred to Cibitoke Hospital and two of them who were in critical condition were transferred to Bujumbura on Friday morning.

Interventions by some natives of Cibitoke to help those victims of accidents were reported and encouraged, according to information collected and confirmed by the teacher of physical education and sports at Butara High School, Mr. Dismas Butoyi.

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