RUTANA November 22nd (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, on a visit to Rutana province in south-east Burundi, held on Thursday November 21, in the meeting hall of Saint Etienne Parish of Gihofi in the Catholic Diocese of Rutana, a moralization session for the natives of the province and officials working in that province, a check in Gihofi by ABP has revealed.

Before that meeting held in camera, the provincial governor, Mr. Fidèle Minani, indicated that security prevails throughout the province. Regarding the development works, the governor said that people are working hard: 3,724,000 tree seedlings are in the nurseries and that recently, the Moso Sugar Corporation (SOSUMO) has put in place more than 4,400 tree plants. He pointed out, however, that the province has a lot of untapped potentialities and wanted to see that supported.

These are the Kinwa and Maragarazi marshes, with 1,500 hectares and 2,000 hectares respectively in Giharo commune which, once developed, could produce more than 490,000 tons of rice and could be grown twice a year.

Another activity for which the governor has asked for support is the development of the national road number 11 which goes from Muzye to Cendajuru in Cankuzo province by passing to Giharo, Kinyinya, Nyabitsinda and Gisuru in Ruyigi province.

As for the urban roads, the governor said that the provincial headquarters has more than 30 kilometers of road but that there is a project of paving of only 10 kilometers and asked the support from the Head of State for the remaining 20 kilometers to be rehabilitated.

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