MURAMVYA April 27th (ABP) – In order to support the activities of cooperatives, Honorable Rémégie Bazirahomponyoye elected in the Muramvya constituency (center-west) donated 50 improved breed chicks on Thursday April 25, to 25 members of the Dufatane mu nda cooperative of Bugarama zone in Muramvya commune.

MP Remégie Bazirahomponyoye indicated that they intend to multiply other chicks with the help of a broody machine that they intend to have so that, according to that elected official, they can produce chicks to provide to others cooperatives operating in the ​​Bugarama zone or even in the Muramvya commune and province, he told the check by ABP. He took the opportunity to ask the inhabitants of the different villages to organize themselves into cooperatives so that international organizations, national organizations or other individuals that want to support them can meet them together.

In their remarks, the chairperson of the Dufatane mu nda cooperative, Ms. Marie Nduwimana and Bugarama zone Leader Dénis Nzohabonayo, commended the initiative of MP Bazirahomponyoye and who displays the willingness to support the cooperatives of the villages in the Muramvya province.

The members of the Dufatane mu nda cooperative were advised to raise those chicks with the hope of redistributing their young as part of solidarity chains to other cooperatives to benefit from that livestock.

Note that those cooperative members, in addition to activities related to the protection of the Kibira nature reserve and the multiplication of native tree seedlings, are practicing pig farming, modern agriculture and other income-generating works, according to Ms. Nduwimana.

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