KARUSI March 15th (ABP) – The Burundi Intensification and Agricultural Extension Support Project (PAIVA-B), which has to close its activities in March 2019 in Gitaramuka, Bugenyuzi and Buhiga communes, has left development clues that the Provincial Office of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment (BPAEE) must safeguard, in collaboration with the administration and the beneficiaries, according to anonymous agronomist supervisors who work for the NGO Accord.

Launched in 2009, the PAIVA-B first developed vast marshes in the three communes and then organized the rice growers into associations. With the selected seeds, production spontaneously increased eight-fold, according to beneficiaries, who continue to multiply seeds for sale. “We went from associations to rice cooperatives,” they say, adding that thanks to PAIVA-B, they have seen their families develop. But they remain worried in case the BPAEE and the administration refuse to stay by their side. They believe that leadership is not yet strengthened to sustain gains. Similarly, the anonymous supervisor agronomists working for the NGO Accord believe that the risk of embezzlement of cooperative assets is high if the administration and BPAEE do not involve themselves in monitoring.

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