A policeman has just killed his colleague in Karusi

KARUSI February 28th (ABP) – A police officer, APP Masabire Séverin of the Provincial Coordination of Civil Protection killed his colleague with his weapon the night of Sunday February 25, 2018 at 8:00 am.
The murderer has been on leave since February 22, 2018. Nobody knew he had gone with his gun. Following the conflict not yet known, he started shooting at his home. As usual, the police intervened.
On their arrival, he unfortunately shot at his colleague who died a few minutes later at Karusi Hospital and the criminal took off leaving his weapon in the fields next to his home. The police organized a search in the vicinity; the provincial commissioner in charge of civil protection was cunningly able to arrest him. The judgment of flagrance has just fallen.
A life sentence is the judgment pronounced against APP Masabire Séverin on Monday evening in a lawsuit by fragrance.
At the Karusi high court, the judicial authorities had facilities to decide. The alleged readily answered questions, saying that he was in a state of total drunkenness at the time of the murder.
However, it was difficult for him to explain why he was driving with a machete on the morning of that Monday after the Sunday crime. His wife and the neighbors, all the witnesses on the spot described him as enraged, who wanted to kill anyone in passing.
The murderer claimed that he fired at his colleague for self-defense because the deceased was trying to enter his house.
Thus after deliberation, the judicial authorities decided a firm life sentence, a sentence that aroused cheers from the public that had almost failed to make their own justice just after his arrest.

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