The OBR awards the best taxpayers to encourage them

BUJUMBURA February 11th (ABP) -The Commissioner General of the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), Mr. Audace Niyonzima, proceeded, at its headquarters on Monday, February 8, 2019, with the award ceremonies of five motorcycles to five top taxpayers selected from five tax regions of the country, including North, South, Central, West and East.

On that occasion, the Commissioner General indicated that they were chosen among the small and average taxpayers in the five tax regions of the country. In the North region it is a carpentry workshop of the Ngozi Diocese, in the South: MEDISER, in the East: ENA, in the West it is the “dukorere hamwe dusozere ikivi” cooperative and in the center, a small foodstuff trader was chosen, this is Niyonkuru Charles.

According to Mr. Niyonzima, the delivery of those motorcycles reflects the fact of recognizing the importance of taxpayers. He also said that this shows that the government of Burundi does not only collect taxes, but also supports the taxpayers. He invited those who have been awarded to be role models for others. He informed the public that the criterion for being awarded by the OBR is to make the declarations in time and pay the taxes as provided by law.

Those taxpayers who have just received bonuses have expressed their satisfaction with the OBR and have invited others to pay taxes because they contribute to the development of the country. They also called on others to participate in the meetings that the OBR organizes in order to be enlightened and seek advice when needed.

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