BUJUMBURA August 27th (ABP) – The Burundian drummers performed a march-demonstration in Bujumbura on Saturday August 24, 2019, to decry the use of Burundian drums abusively by Burundian refugees living in Rwanda, a check by ABP revealed.

The protest march, which began with a prayer and the singing of the national anthem, brought the protesters to the Rwandan embassy in Burundi where Ms. Godefride Hakizimana, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, thanked the Burundian drummers who fight to keep the culture and customs of the country. “Drums are the heritage of Burundians only and not for other countries,” she said.

Mr. Abed Duniya, who spoke on behalf of the Burundian drummers, said that they were heart-touched by the way Rwanda violated international standards by using Burundi drums in an abusive manner.

Normally, he explained, in a procession of drummers, the color of the outfit is relative to the color of the national flag. In addition, the visionary of the drummers must have a spear and a shield. However, during the competition, there was no national flag of the Republic of Burundi. In addition, the visionary was a woman who did not wear a spear and a shield, said Duniya who, on that occasion, asked the Burundi government to lodge a complaint against Rwandan government to have abused the culture of Burundi.

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