BUJUMBURA/NGOZI June 10th (ABP) – Civil society associations of Bujumbura organized a peaceful demonstration on Saturday June 8, 2019, to protest against the Western media, particularly French ones, which give the floor to the enemies of our country, especially the Burundian coup plotters, refugees in the West while they are prosecuted by the justice of their country.

Through signs, those associations declared that they reject with energy the iron will of some European countries that support the repeated coup plotters of 2015 and deplore the fact that Rwanda gives the place to the Burundian refugees on its territory for training with weapons to destabilize our country.

“The self-determination of the people hurts France”, according to the demonstrators. They say they are determined not to give in.

The French ambassador to Burundi, who watched the peaceful demonstrators in front of his office located in Rohero quarter of Bujumbura, promised a hearing this week to the delegation of civil society that organized the demonstration. Note that similar events were also organized in all provinces of the country.

In addition, civil society organizations in Ngozi province (northern Burundi) also organized a similar march at the Kugasaka stadium of Ngozi on Saturday, where a large crowd gathered with banners and posters of the associations.

On those posters, slogans could be seen, those condemning French media, including RFI, TV 5 and Le Monde. One can read: “RFI, TV5 and Le Monde, you are a manipulative substance that the international community uses every day”. There were also posters as “together against manipulation, when it comes to Burundi, the basic rules of ethics are no longer observed.” On others, the protesters brandished the sovereignty of the country, the refusal of neocolonialism, the refusal of the sabotage of the 2020 elections, the diplomatic harassment of France and the European Union, and so on.

The protesters began with a prayer and put women in front of the stage to show that it is mainly Burundian women who are protesting against the remarks of Ms. Marguerite Barankitse, who is also a Burundian woman.

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