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GITEGA June 10th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, held a society moralization session in Makebuko commune of Gitega province (central Burundi) on Friday June 7, 2019, for the natives of that province, including members of the government, parliamentarians, administrative authorities, senior executives and the rural people.

The session was held at the pitch of Murenda village where President Nkurunziza delivered his first speech after the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement in 2003, said the deputy spokesman of the President, Mr.  Alain Diomède Nzeyimana, during a press briefing he held after the session.

The latter was also held when the country celebrated 116 years after the signing of the Kiganda Treaty in 1903. It was at this time that King Mwezi Gisabo won the battle thanks to the bravery of the patriotic people, including those of Gitega who did everything to save his life against the attacks of his opponents, Mr. Nzeyimana said.

During that session, the characteristics that mark the people of Gitega province were highlighted. This is particularly valiance, as the people of Gitega stood out to save the life of King Mwezi Gisabo when Kirima and Maconco, supporters of the opponents, had tried to kill him. In addition, it was the people of Gitega province who did everything for King Mwezi Gisabo and managed to thwart the worst. Also, it is on June 7, 2018 that the President of the Republic promulgated, in the Bugendana commune of Gitega province, the new Constitution of Burundi.

In addition, the drum that was the sign of the kingdom of Burundi has become the symbol of UNESCO. Archeological studies have shown that there was a Burundian population in Gitega 500 years before Christ, the deputy spokesman of the President of the Republic revealed.

The Head of State of Burundi also invited the public present to make every effort to shape its image. Those people will have thus prepared a better future for their children who will take them for their models and will produce commendable works.

The President of the Republic ended by wishing a good life to the people of Gitega and the Burundians.

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