RUTANA January 7th (ABP) – The communal administrators and their technical advisers, the chairpersons of the communal councils and committees in charge of the communal finances, the communal accountants, the representatives of the agents of civil status and the chairpersons of the communal water supply authority from the entire province of Rutana (south-eastern Burundi) met at the provincial headquarters on Thursday to see how to improve their yields in this year just from its start, increase the tax base of communes and then achieve further development, according to administrative sources, on Friday.

According to the governor of the province, Mr. Fidèle Minani, who, surrounded by two of his three advisers namely that responsible for sports, social and cultural issues and the one in charge of economic issues, chaired the meeting held in camera, the participants focused on the recommendations made to the communes by the provincial inspectorate of communal finances during field trips aiming to supervise the staff.

He noted that most of the recommendations have been followed each in their concern but that for what remains to be done, everyone were urged to implement what they are called on to do as fast as they can. As for the governor’s office, it will conduct field trips to assess the implementation.

Regarding the good collaboration that should characterize any work that goes forward, the team in charge of the communal management was recommended to work in synergy; everyone must be open to the others and to accept, if the opinions diverge, to work taking into account what has taken the upper hand without being resentful towards anyone.

It was also recommended to work diligently not counting the service hours but taking into account the volume of work that they have. To the administrator of the Giharo commune, it was recommended to use his authority to make the necessary decisions regarding the problem that may occur. This has been said, according to the governor, because it is noticeable that some agents of the commune do not have the right to be treated or make care of theirs, following the lack of affiliation card with the Public Service Mutual due to caring for concubines and who, when asked to bring documents for the granting of those cards, only register their legal wives and their children because they fell out of favor, and do not dare not no longer register concubines and their children for lack of a marriage certificate. To that fact, it was recalled that the State of Burundi is governed by the law and that whoever does not comply is punished.

With regard to raising the communal tax base, it was recommended to strengthen strategies to maximize revenue collection by identifying all taxable products. Thus it was mentioned the census of livestock and bicycles that exist in each commune and the multiplication of control weeks.

Speaking of the preparations for the communal performance evaluation for the 2018 financial year, it was recommended that each advisor be equipped with the evaluation criteria of their sectors for a progressive self-evaluation. In addition, it was required that the reports of the decentralized services of the communes be transmitted regularly to the communal administration.

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