BUJUMBURA March 11th (ABP) – The Dushirehamwe Association organized in Bujumbura on Friday March 8, 2019, a round table for exchanges between actors and stakeholders in the promotion and defense of the rights of women and girls in Burundi.

That activity was part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day organized on March 8 each year around the world.

In her occasional speech, the legal representative of the Dushirehamwe Association, Ms. Thérèse Ndoricimpa, indicated that the actors and stakeholders in the field of the women’s rights are called upon to amplify their voices for a better taking into account of the rights of the women and girls in the country’s process.

The holding of this roundtable, she said, is an opportunity for participants to examine the situation of women’s and girls’ rights in order to commit to taking initiatives that promote the promotion of women’s rights.

The participants in the round table seized that opportunity to reinvigorate the debate on issues related to the fight against gender-based violence, transitional justice and the participation of women and girls in the 2020 elections. They have identified the major challenges and obstacles to women in the electoral process.

As a result of those works, women’s rights actors and stakeholders are committed to working in synergy to promote the rights of women and girls. The ultimate goal is to build a country of peace, equality, equity and social justice.

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