Mr. Willy Rubeya, Expert in PPP Contract

BUJUMBURA June 20th (ABP) – “The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contract allows the government to access infrastructure financing and advanced technology without resorting to debt. It makes it possible to improve the quality of public services through a much more rigorous management “, said, recently, Mr. Willy Rubeya, expert in PPP contract, during an industrial fair organized by the Burundi industrialists Association, for the professionals of the industrial field of Burundi and the Region at the national and regional level.

The expert, who spoke about typologies, challenges, and opportunities in relation to the legislative and regulatory framework, further indicated that the PPP allows public-private dialogue and innovative solutions.

Investor confidence in terms of the contracts due to the political, judicial and financial risk, the involvement of the local private sector to enable technology transfer and experience capitalization, and the time and cost constraint for the preparation of a PPP contract, are also major challenges.Despite those multiple benefits, the PPP faces multiple challenges. Mr. Rubeya said that the legal framework in force does not depart from the legal framework of public markets while for the investor the risk is not at all the same. He also mentioned the complexity in design and management, both public and private, the lack of expertise in the sectors concerned, the lack of a database accessible to potential investors online.

Nevertheless, the PPP carries many opportunities within it that can meet those challenges. At this stage, the expert pinpoints, among other things, the realization of large-scale infrastructures, a sharing of risk, rights and responsibilities between the public sector and private investors and the transfer of technology.

Other opportunities, such as long-term investment mobilization and labor absorption, also fall within this framework, according to Rubeya.

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