KAYANZA January 16th (ABP) -The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Mr. Anicet Ndayizeye, said he is satisfied with the state of production of both food and industrial crops and minerals during the past year. That provincial authority said that this increase in production is the result of people’s understanding of the benefits of fighting against fraud.

Regarding food crops, although he did not specify the quantities, he said that the fall in food prices on the markets no doubt proves that production in the year 2018 had increased significantly.

As for industrial crops, the provincial authority reported that coffee production has been very good. He recalled that in previous years, they could hope, through coffee orchards that the production would be good but after harvest, the quantities of parchment coffee were very small compared to coffee cherry. According to Governor Ndayizeye, that increase in coffee production is the result of the fight against fraud that used to haunted the coffee sector. He said that in 2018, only 2,600 kilograms of coffee had been seized, while in 2017, the amount of coffee seized exceeded 20 tons, which for him was a considerable step.

In the mining sector, Ndayizeye said that production in that sector has improved as it has increased from 200 tons in 2017 to more than 220 tons of ore until September 2018. For him, the quantity of ores extracted would exceed 250 tons if those ores were mined during the year. In addition, he said, only 45 kilograms of minerals were seized in 2018 while the quantity seized in 2017 did not exceed two tons.

The governor of Kayanza asks his people to continue to fight against fraud because, he said, once fraud is eradicated, the people are the first to benefit.

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