GITEGA November 18th (ABP) – To address the youth unemployment challenges, the entrepreneurship and project management consultant, Dr. Léonard Bizimana, is calling on young graduates to overcome the fear of taking risk to create their own jobs whether minimal or not are they while expecting that they will evolve into big companies.

He launched that appeal during the presentation of the theme on entrepreneurship, creativity and business management on Wednesday, during a workshop of exchange of experiences on leadership and entrepreneurship of young people and women held in Gitega, the political capital.

Unemployment faced by young people is not inevitable, but a challenge that can be answered when the different actors, namely young people, commit themselves to changing the mentality of waiting for jobs offered by the State. According to him, it is necessary that they should take the boldness to create their own jobs with the means at their disposal. Young graduates with qualifications but without jobs should break with this consideration of joblessness to identify the opportunities at their disposal to create jobs that can meet their vital needs, those of their families and their country, said Mr. Bizimana.

He urged unemployed graduates with university qualifications to value their knowledge and skills to undertake projects that are useful to their respective communities. They must have a determination to undertake and avoid fear of failure or fear of the limited means at their disposal to start with small projects that will gradually become gigantic enterprises. The consultant recommended to the State to intensify the sensitization of the young people and the rest of the population on the promotion of the entrepreneurial culture for the valorization of the opportunities at their disposal. He also recommended that the government should change formal and informal education programs to root the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship. This will help move towards sustainable development.

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