CANKUZO January 3rd  (ABP) – In that period when Burundi has already entered an election year, the collective future without borders (CASAF) calls on Burundians in general and in particular those in Mishiha commune in Cankuzo province to prepare for said elections with calm minds while avoiding the rumors of some enemies of democracy who call them to leave their homeland especially that at the start of the elections in that border town of Tanzania, movements of Burundians who leave their country under manipulation of some politicians, he said.

That was said on Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 by the legal representative of the collective future without borders, Mr. Télesphore Bandyayera on the occasion of the celebration of the new year on the Busumanyi village of Mishiha commune, where in the company of other local associations of that village had been put together with the aim of self-assessing their achievements during the ten years of CASAF’s exercise on Burundian soil.

The ceremonies began with a long parade with slogans in support of development and free elections.

On the same occasion, the representative of CASAF called on the inhabitants of Mishiha to break with the behavior of drunkenness, mismanagement and laziness to mark the take-off of that village located at a remote point of the province adding he added that all that will only be possible through cooperative work.

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