First Deputy President Gaston Sindimwo (right) and LIM Secretary General Mohammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa

BUJUMBURA January 16th (ABP) – The institution of the Ombudsman of Burundi organized on Tuesday January 15, 2018, in collaboration with the Muslim World League (LIM), a seminar on “Religious, ethnic diversity and positive coexistence” .

In his occasional speech, the 1st Deputy President of the Republic, Mr. Gaston Sindimwo, indicated that the choice made by the LIM Secretary General LIM, Mr. Mohammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa, for that appointment of interreligious dialogue, testifies his attachment to Burundi and especially to his values ​​of peace, democracy, dialogue and consultation, tolerance, freedom of religion; in short, peaceful coexistence in diversity.

Mr. Sindimwo reported that in 1993 Muslim and Swahili-speaking neighborhoods like Buyenzi in Bujumbura City Council and Swahili quarter in Rumonge have served as places of refuge for many Burundians.For Mr. Sindimwo, the seminar aims to provide clarifications on the collaboration of ombudsman institutions and leaders of religious denominations in strengthening the peaceful social climate among people of various religious beliefs and tendencies. He pointed out that Islam is fundamentally a religion in the service of peace and love of neighbor. He thanked the Islamic Community of Burundi for its contribution to peacebuilding and social harmony. This peace, preached by the true religions, is today a living reality in Burundi, he said.

Recalling that Burundi has, since its independence, experienced wars and conflicts resulting in deaths, refugees and spoliations of property, Mr. Nduwimana said that Burundi has now found peace and security. Burundi is irreversibly committed to the path of development and democracy, a guarantee of human development, he said.The Burundian Ombudsman, Mr. Edouard Nduwimana, recalled in his speech that peace is one of the great values ​​conveyed and taught by Islam, adding that Muslims in Burundi are the torchbearers of peace and models in the implementation of government actions.

According to the Burundian ombudsman, Burundian culture, through its tales and proverbs, highlights the ability of Burundians to live together peacefully and find solutions to their problems in peace and love.

For Mr. Nduwimana, the dialogue between the different religious, ethnic and political components will not only strengthen positive coexistence, but also prevent extremist tendencies that are likely to destroy societies.

According to him, peace and tolerance are the great values ​​of any religion that consider human fraternity, consideration of others and respect and equality between people.

As for the LIM Secretary General, he said that we must understand each other to try to move forward despite the diversity between people.

According to Mohammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa, harmony, will and love for others are common denominators. He called on everyone to get rid of anything that could be a source of conflict and confrontation. For that personality, harmony and social cohesion are an absolute necessity to live peacefully.

View of participants in the seminar


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