People are called on to become involved in safeguarding peace and security

CANKUZO March 2nd (ABP) – People are urged to try harder to safeguard peace and security by denouncing the perpetrators of the various crimes committed. This appeal was launched at a meeting held on Wednesday February 28, 2018 by the senior advisor of the Governor, for the heads of the various provincial services.
During the meeting, whose main objective was to discuss the situation prevailing in each service, it was found that the situation is generally good except for a few isolated cases observed in some services.
For example, at the level of security, the officials in charge of that sector reported a case of murder that occurred last night at around 8:00 pm on the Murehe hill of Minyare zone in Cankuzo commune where a named Philippe Nteziriba was killed with a matchete and knife by a group of criminals not yet identifie, according to the police who went to the field immediately after the murder.
The same source reports that an investigation has been opened for the identification of the perpetrators and the motive behind this assassination.
The Provincial Police Commissioner in Cankuzo reminded that the security issue is a matter for everyone and invites everyone to get involved in safeguarding peace and security by denouncing the perpetrators of the various crimes committed here and there.
In the sector of ​​health, the medical Director of Cankuzo health province asked everyone to get involved in sensitizing all people on voluntary HIV / AIDS testing so that everyone can know their serological status and worthy behavior to adopt.
The medical Director of the Cankuzo health province who issued the appeal informed that HIV / AIDS is still present in the province, stating that out of a total of 4,409 voluntarily detected in January, 19 people were found to be HIV-positive, also noting that among them six are pregnant women who have been directly treated.

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