MWARO December 21st (ABP) – A community sensitization campaign on improving the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and out-of-school young people has been organized in Mwaro province (west-central Burundi) since Monday, December 17, 2018  by the NGO Cordaid, in consortium with Care International, Rutgers, UNFPA and in collaboration with four ministries.

The goal of that week-long campaign is, according to the organizers, to improve out-of-school adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health. They are informed about reproductive and sexual health, the availability of age-appropriate health services in youth-friendly health centers, the consequences of high birth rates in families and unwanted pregnancies. They also learn good practices in the fight against sexual diseases, illegal abortions, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.

Dances, street theaters and contests are animated. Winners receive prizes in loincloths, cans, basins, hoes and laundry soaps. On Monday the 17th, those activities were organized in the Kayokwe commune in the Gatwe zone. On Wednesday the 19th, it was the turn of Nyabihanga commune.

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