MUYINGA May 16th (ABP) – Governor Aline Manirabarusha of Muyinga province (northern Burundi) calls on political party leaders to do everything possible for peaceful coexistence in order to tackle the 2020 general elections with confidence. She also invites leaders of religious denominations to appease the spirits of each other in their preachings.

The appeal was launched on Monday May 13, 2019 at the Cizanye Hotel, during a meeting of provincial leaders of political parties, those of religious denominations and police officers.

According to Governor Manirabarusha, the purpose of the meeting was to orient everyone in their responsibility. He asked the leaders of the political parties to educate their members to peaceful cohabitation. For that to be possible, Manirabarusha said, the provincial leaders of the political parties must work together to set a good example.

The main concern of the provincial governor is to establish the good coexistence between the activists of the different political parties for this pre-electoral period. This will only be possible if the leaders of the political parties actually collaborate, respect the law and favor non-violent communication.

The governor of Muyinga promised to multiply meetings of the kind up to the village level to reach more people. Recall that political intolerance has been reported in these days in Muyinga province, especially in Butihinda, Gasorwe, and Buhinyuza communes.

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